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  • Great Shoe Horn!:This is THE ideal shoe horn! The length is perfect and it makes putting on my boots a breeze. It is very sturdy and the handle at the top makes using it so simple. have a high instep and the struggles I’ve had over the years with wearing boots made me give up on them for some time. But I couldn’t pass up the cutest pair I’d seen in awhile a couple of weeks ago, and was so dismayed, thinking I would have to return them because it was just too hard to get them on. On a whim I searched for shoe horns, found this one, ordered it, and whammo! Works like a charm.The personal follow up email from Shacke was a really nice touch seeing as the order was filled by Amazom. It’s so nice to see a company that is conscientious about their product and customer satisfaction.I highly recommend this product, and I plan to deal with Shacke in the future–you should too!Replica Hermes Belt Uk
  • Hipster Vera bag:I love the purse. She has such good quality in her products. It has a lot of pockets and the color is really good.Replica Hermes Belt For Women
  • these will be great on vacation:to store dry products will definitely work, as far as toiletries is concerned, if they mean a brush, a razor, it would also work, but I certainly would not put any "liquidy" type product in there. the idea of a mesh on the top to see what is in there is fine but not for creams, shampoo and the like. It is a neat product just not for woman’s toiletries.Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Awesome for organization use:I bought these in blue and pink. The quality is great and just as good as ebags for less money. So glad I found themReplica Hermes Belt Size
  • 2 week trip, 1 suitcase for 6 yr old and mom:We just returned from Europe having used cubes for the first time and they quickly became indispensable to the point where we would not travel them.Our initial purchase was based on many reviews outlining the advantages of compartmentalizing personal items using the Shacke system when packing. Our trip took us to several different countries with temperatures ranging from cool and damp to humid and hot and we really appreciated the open web design that made it easy to identify and locate the appropriate clothing and accessories.The cubes don’t look that big out of the package but they are well designed to expand allowing lots of items to be stowed with next to no wrinkling but still allowing for compression when being packed in a suitcase. The zippers are heavy duty and have tabs attached making opening and closing easy and the nylon material is heavy duty and seems snag proof. Also the included laundry bag was particularly useful for transporting dirty items to and from the local laundromat.As much as the cubes helped with packing they are even better when on the road as they make unpacking and repacking a breeze, particularly during short hotel stays. Instead of dragging all of our items out of the suitcases and placing them in drawers only to repack a few days later we quickly transferred the cubes instead. In the unlikely event you are overweight at the airport removing a small cube vs digging through all your personal items is a lifesaver and much less embarrassing too. Absolutely one of the first purchases to consider if you travel or plan to travel in the future.
  • BEST BUY!:I measured my son’s foot with a ruler and used Zutano’s sizing chart to pick the right size. The bootie measured exactly as stated on the sizing chart. My son is on the heavier side, but we have had no problems with closing the snaps.The quality is great, they are easy to put on, and they stay on. They are quite warm, though, so my son always has sweaty feet after wearing these. I wish they made a different kind for summer.
  • Perfect, especially since we take our shoes off in the house:What? A shoehorn that breaks on the very first time it is used?Talk about disappointment!I had just bought a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots, and along came this shoehorn as a suggestion. Finally I gave in and bought it. Waste of money! It shattered like glass as soon as I started lowering my heels on the boot.Minding that I could put them on (’em boots) without using a shoehorn, so there wasn’t that much resistance in the sliding in process. I wouldn’t recommend it!
  • Super Bag:This is my first Vera Bradley purse. I cant say enough about it!. I’m so in love with this purse! The colors are very vibrant, the inside of the purse itself is VERY roomy, it has 3 nice size pockets inside, 2 pockets on the front, one which has a zipper and the other is an open pocket, and the back pocket is big enough to horizontally hold my Galaxy Note 4! I love the shape, the adjustable strap is awesome, the material its self is nice & soft and feels so nice! I received it really quick and it was nicely packaged in a large box. It wasn’t folded or anything like that. Love Love Love this Hipster! I definitely see more in my very near future.
  • Like waking on air with arch support!:Love them! I saw them at a flea market and they didn’t have my size. Ordered them online. So happy with them!
  • Love these organizers!:These are wonderful! They make packing for a trip easy and neat. Also they work great for storing either your winter or summer clothing.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • I love my new VB Hipster Crossbody purse:This bag was wonderful quality and beautiful design! I absolutely love it and the adjustable shoulder strap helps make it the perfect length all the time!! It’s my go-to bag until I buy another!

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  • well constructed:I bought this product twice .one for me and one as a gift for my friend.This is very useful when you are traveling, especially abroad with family since you will have multiple passports and travel documents.Now a days I don’t have to dig my handbag to search for boarding pass or passport :)Replica Hermes H Buckle Belt
  • VERY COMFORTABLE:These are the most comfortable shoes…better than my expensive Dansko shoes!!!Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Great!:Fast shipping. Product is exactly what it said. Great price. Will definently order againReplica Hermes Belt Cheap
  • Five Stars:Great little product. It is beautifully made and very light weight.Replica Hermes Women Belt
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!:Absolutely a beautiful bag – and in my favorite colors to boot! Just the right size to fit everything I need. I ordered a wallet to match!
  • Decent for the money:Quit buying those cheap shoe horns. This stainless steel job is stiff and slick and you will be happy with the way it functions.
  • Amazing:Product was as expected. Shipping sucked!
  • Simply a well made shoe bag… with great extra features!:I was not sure what to expect with the bag but I was pleasantly surprised. The bag is very durable and much more fashionable then the free shower caps I was using from the hotels :)I ended up bringing 2 pairs of shoes with me on the trip (not including the one I was wearing on the plane). One pair was a pair of boots that after some smashing I was able to get them into the bag. I can see myself ordering another bag in the future for another pair of shoes and when I travel with my family I will want another for them as well.Through the multiple trips I had the bag remained in tact, stable and did not rip. I was pleased with the quality and the color was excellent (pink!).
  • Love my purse:This purse is so adorale. It will be a gift, but am tempted to keep it for myself.
  • Four Stars:Great product, the craftsmanship is excellent. Smooth as can be too.
  • Spring Time Satchel:My first Vera Bradley bag is a success! I purchased this to hold my iPad Air, planner, and wallet for college and I think it will do great!
  • Lerger side is too wide:i see some reviews that suggest this is flimsy. the stock must be extremely variable. i bought 2 (one for my office) both were strong.

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  • Great price. Will definently order:Great bag for a great price will definitely order again when the time comes.Replica Hermes H Belt Mens
  • Slim Packing Cubes For Organized Travel:I love to travel so these come in super handy. I mainly go camping at the beach and by camping I mean staying in a camper. My camper isn’t huge so we are limited on space. To save on space I don’t typically take a bulky suitcase. I usually just throw everything I need in a bag and sort it all later. My family and I are getting ready to take one last trip to the beach for the season. I’m so glad that I have these and used them to pack this time. These come in a variety of colors. I chose the pink and they are so pretty! These came in a set of four. I used one to pack all my socks, one to pack undergarments, one to pack my skin care products and one to back my shower/bath products. Now when I put everything into a bag it will be organized and I can just put everything away in the drawers and cabinets in my camper without actually fully unpacking. These packing cubes are made of high quality waterproof material. The double zippers are durable. The front of the cube is netted so you can easily see what is inside the cube. This is perfect for air travel. I’m going on a business trip in January. I can’t wait to use these again and show my co-workers how awesome they are. They certainly make packing easier and organized!Replica Hermes Belt Men
  • Great purse:It was a gift for my wife and she loved it. Looks as if it’s good quality but it made her happy and that is what matters the mostReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • One. fine shoehorn!:Good size for me, though larger than some "freebies" you used to get from shoe stores. I like it. Seems durable and tough.Replica Hermes Mens H Belt
  • Love these!:Love the shoes but the sizing chart was not correct. Shoes are too small.
  • They’re perfect! Most comfortable flip-flop out there:My wife thanks me every time she wears them
  • Very nice and great price:I absolutely love Vera Bradley products, but this one is not as good. The opening is narrower than the bag itself which make organization difficult. Even the matching wallet is hard to get in. Plus the bag is very thin in that you can’t put much side by side and thus have to pile on top of each other. This makes it so it won’t stand up on its own either. I give it 3 stars because it is of good quality.
  • Travel Essentials:I recently used these on a trip. I usually just pack quickly putting things here and there. I’m a concert promoter so I travel a lot around the states and different places. These slim packing cubes helped me a lot! I placed my laptop USB cords, Mifi & charger, Flash drives, and other items I needed for my camera that went with laptop while on trip. Another cube I placed my socks and undies because I never seem to find them easy or either I pull them out with other items – so much easier when I used this cube. Then I had my toiletries in another. This really helped make my trip easier on me. I wasn’t trying to find things and thinking – where did I put that? Did I lose it? – I was like oh its in here. I’m honestly wondering why I didn’t know about this product sooner? I’m happy I know about it now. I will be carrying these small packing cubes on all my trips.*I did receive this product free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.*
  • Packing made easy.:I was looking for a way to keep my young kids clothes separated in the suitcase while we travel. One large packing cube holds enough clothes for a week. I have three kids and ended up with one left over (for me) :-) This has been the perfect alternative to pawing through a suitcase trying to find the right clothes. The boys know which colored cube has their clothes in it which makes the process very simple.
  • This review is for a shoe horn, not a …:Apparently this review form think that I purchased a pair of shoes and not a shoe horn. The shoe horn works fine and is what I expected.
  • FABULOUS:Good product. Metal is thick enough so it won’t bend, but not too much. Also, it’s smooth so it won’t catch on shoe or socks.
  • Five Stars:Great experience

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  • Five Stars:excellent productReplica Hermes Belt Sizes
  • Great purse:It was shipped right away and is exactly what I expected.Replica Hermes H Belt Replica
  • Vera Bradley Hipster (Midnight Blues):Love this purse! It’s the perfect size and has lots of great pockets, including a great one on the outside that’s the perfect size for my note 3Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Beautiful purse for the money:Perfect size, lightweight and just the right amount of pockets. Just ordered another in a different print.Replica Hermes Belt Sizing
  • Very satisfied with both Service, and Item!! Thank you, Amazon!!:vera bradley hipster in provenical is beautiful and the quality is wonderful and price is good. thank you again. thanks
  • Great product – well made – thoughtfully constructed – and so colorful!:I wear athletic shoes into work and then switch into casual work shoes when I get into the office. Ordered this to keep dust and dirt off of them when I’m not in the office, which can be a week at a time. Size 12’s fit in this with a little room to spare, the bag is very high quality construction – seams are nice and tight, there are no loose threads showing on any of the stitching, the zippers work unhindered around the bag and the flap inside to separate the shoes so they don’t rub together is plenty big enough.
  • What’s not to love?:Great size bag; lots of compartments; gorgeous print!
  • Pretty and comfortable to wear:I was a little afraid to get this for my wife without her first getting to look at it. She loved the purse and walletr…good price too!
  • Five Stars:Bought this for my sister in-law cause she loves purses and handbags so im sure she will love it.
  • Good product:For the price for a stamped piece of steel the lease they can do is to polish the edges smooth!
  • Love this!:Beautiful color pattern
  • 5 Stars!:Great, easy laces that my son loves. The company responded to a broken part a month later right away. I highly recommend them!

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  • Best sandal ever.:Great fit and comfort for chronic foot pain. I now own 4pair. Thanks oofos and amazon!!!!!Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Just what I needed.:Perfect, sturdy shoe horn arrived quickly and in great condition.Cheap Replica Hermes Belts
  • Five Stars:GreatReplica Hermes Belt Black
  • Couldn’t be better!:I love Vera Bradley and I was having a problem trying to find the perfect size. My mom wanted small, I wanted big. Well, this bag is perfect. It’s just big enough to fit the essentials such as my wallet and keys as well as my kindle. However, it is small enough where I will make sure it stays clean :) so i know some of you are wondering about the size, and this one is convenient, small yet big and makes everyone happy :) thanks!Replica Hermes Fake Belt
  • These are great bags and a great size:Nice packaging & a great color. This will fit small bathroom items or makeup well.
  • Love love love my Vera Bradley Hipster:Absolutely love this bag!! The shipping was great had no problems! The item looked brand new. Definitely worth the money
  • Five Stars:Precisely as represented, good quality product and prompt delivery.
  • daughter uses is daily:Love it
  • excellent material and very good price:excellent I recommend good quality
  • OoFOS Rock!:I liked them so well I bought a pair for 2 other people. They love them as well and plan to give as gifts to other family members.Wow
  • Cubes for organized travel…:I have a ikea bed which has only 4 inch space underbed. Usually, beds come with 6 inch or more under space and all the standard under bed boxes height will be minimum of 5-6 inches. I bought these packs to store bed sheets under bed and they are perfect. Very nice quality with double zipper. I also keep some silk sarees in these packing cubes which is perfect to store them.

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  • Great shoes:I love them! They helped so much after my marathon. I wish i could wear them to work !!Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • calificacion positiva:Excelentes condiciones 100% recomendado. todo llego a tiempo y me mantuvieron al tanto del paquete . satisfecho ciertamente 100 0Replica Hermes Gold Belt
  • Five Stars:Love itMens Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Very nice. My son love it. ThxMen Replica Hermes Belt
  • I love these shoes:They are wide, but I think it’s by design. Your feet don’t slip around. It’s, by far, the most comfortable summer shoe I’ve ever had on.
  • love it!:My wife and I purchased this for my daughter for Mchristmas. She likes Vera Bradly stuff and loves this duffel bag. Nice and roomy without being bulky. It seems like a quality product.
  • Fabulous shoe!:Great arch and heel support. I am suffering from a neuroma so flip flops are all I can wear right now. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because twice now I have had the front part fold under and scrape the ground. Maybe I need to get more familiar walking in them but the front seems too long? Other than that, I love in these and help my feet feel good.
  • Lots of compliments!:great seller great product.
  • Product is sturdy and exactly as described:Lightweight, strong, shaped right and fits into my travel bag.
  • … is my 3rd Vera Bradley Hipster bag and I love it. Because of shoulder pain:The students I teach have been using these for the last two years – I hadn’t seen them before. I bought this to use at a Literary Festival in my Downtown area. It was perfect! I was able to carry all necessary things with me from location to location and didn’t have to worry about losing the bag or its contents. As it works as a cross-body bag, I didn’t have to worry about it falling off my shoulder or the likelihood that it would get caught on something. Perfect size and style! Love the colors! Bright, and the black makes them pop! I like that even as it will get dirty, the colors will still remain bright enough to stand-out.
  • Dot & Dot Packing Cubes Are Great!!!:these packing cubes are great! They really make travel easier. They are good quality and met my expectations. I especially like that they’re washable and lightweight. They don’t take up much room. I would definitely recommend these cubes!
  • The only thing that would have made this experience better is if there was a way to show the …:I am a bit of a Vera Bradley addict and this wallet is a nice addition to my collection. The wallet is very well constructed and as with most Vera pieces has quite a bit of storage and different places to put bills, coins and credit cards.

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  • Great set of bags for travel!:These handy accessories organizer bags help me find my stuff in a flash when I am traveling. I know I can easily identify the contents of any of the bags with the see-through mesh plus it is waterproof. I think these would be great to save anyone from embarrassment during airport security checks. These are great for storing personal feminine care stuff when you travel too . It makes me feel more relaxed to know where everything is in my bags. These really let me stash more and organize better during business trips and vacations. They are totally unlike other flat organizers. This travel accessories organizer is 1" deep, which gives me the extra space I need for all my personal travel items so nothing gets lost of misplaced either.Womens Replica Hermes Belt
  • This hipster is STUNNING!:Love love love this bag. Just the right size. Pattern is lovely and VB quality is great. I would buy it againReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • This purse is a perfect size! I love it because I use a …:I love this purse! The colors and pattern are great and is very comfortable to wear!Replica Hermes H Belt Mens
  • Five Stars:It is nice and sturdy. No need to worry about this one bending!Black Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:Nice!
  • He said it works like a dream and he’s never been able to put …:Good shoe horn. Smoothness and stiffness help glide foot into tight bike shoes which I don’t want to untie, or other shoes.
  • great hipster:Smaller than anticipated but well made.
  • Link Laces!:These no tie shoelaces are a godsend as I enter the final stretch of my pregnancy. It is getting harder and harder to bend down and I hate that if I want to wear my sneakers, I would need my husband or someone else around in order to tie them for me. Enter these laces. I wasn’t sure how they’d work and if they would truly make it any easier, but they are incredible. They were easy to get into my sneakers and the laces themselves are neutral enough that they can really go with any shoe. And most importantly for me, I was able to get my own sneakers on and off for the first time in at least a month! It may not be that exciting to some, but if you’ve been pregnant, you probably know what a big deal that is. The laces keep your feet nice and secure without feeling tight or constricting. And they lock keeps them in place (but is easy to get loose). It was easy to figure the laces out, but in case you are someone who prefers instructions, there are very clear instructions included as well.I highly recommend these to anyone who may have issues bending down or tactile issues where they have a hard time getting things tied. But honestly, anyone that wears sneakers could benefit. Such a great product!I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review.
  • best ever!:I’m very pleased with the OOFOS sandals that I purchased. A friend recommended them as she has had several pairs. I usually wear a size 6 (women.s) and these fit perfectly in that size. I’m inclined to think I’ll try a pair of the clog style next, just as a change from the thong.
  • Five Stars:Just what I was expecting… what I wanted, and delivered on time. I have received the package its all good. This was an order for shoe horns, not shoes……
  • Just what I needed:This metal shoehorn is very sturdy. It should last forever. A great size to put in your suitcase for travel.
  • Just what I had been looking for. I have …:Nice to know there is an Amazon source for this hard to find metal shoe horn. Broke too many plastic ones while standing on one leg..

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  • Five Stars:Great Item, made my life a whole lot easier in a really simple way. thanks shacke!Replica Hermes Belt Cost
  • Five Stars:Perfect size!!!Replica Hermes Belts Men
  • Great Product:The shoe horn doesn’t bend and foot slides nicely down into the shoe! I am very pleased with this product! I just couldn’t find any of them at the stores so I ordered this and it’s great!Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Beautiful gift:My girlfriend loved it, perfect size for her.Womens Replica Hermes Belt
  • Pretty awesome:PurSabino are my go to yoga socks for comfort, style and quality.If you are looking for excellent yoga socks, these are the only ones to buy!
  • Christmas gift:Holds a lot very impressed just wish could add a third small book other than that amazing would recommend!
  • Great bag!:Very well made, I took 1 star off because I felt pattern and colors where brighter and not as rich looking as on site? Even when I looked close up it does not look the same as it is? If you like fun bright colors in a very well bag ,this is for you!
  • Five Stars:Love these shoes. Very soft and comfortable.
  • Slip on shoes!:Exactly what I ordered and it shipped quickly. This is for a 13 yr old grandson who will be going to school dances in something other than sneakers. He looked at it strangely but said ok, he will use it. LOL
  • Love it:love the all navy inside and the height of the bag
  • toeless grip socks:I love that these yoga socks have a opening at the top. I love that because my feet do not sweat like crazy now, they get to breath when I am doing my yoga exercises. The toelessness persay is awesome as well again my feet/toes can breath! The non slip on the bottom of these is amazing and helps me so much, it has really helped out. These toeless yoga non slip socks are a must have for anyone doing yoga exercises.
  • m very happy with it:Wife loved it, that’s all that matters.

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  • Useful travel document case:Bought it based on the reviews I read from other users, and indeed, they were right. Perfect size for one or two (maybe 3) travelers. But a family with kids might need a larger one. Lightweight, durable, love the color, very visible, just enough pockets for all cards, currency, and passports.Replica Hermes H Buckle Belt
  • Five Stars:Perfect, but not sent me the same as shown in the image of the publication.Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Great All Purpose ‘Man-Purse’:Only one small improvement Victorinox should make: the adjustable strap often will not stay at selected length, i.e., it works its way loose. Other than that, it is perfect in every way, especially capacity and organization. By the way, this is my second identical bag. The first suffered and survived much rugged treatment for over 3 years and I loved it.Replica Replica Hermes Belt
  • What’s not to love?:Great size bag; lots of compartments; gorgeous print!Replica Hermes Blue Belt
  • Great for Yoga or Barre classes!:I love yoga and I like wearing socks to keep my feet warm and clean, but when practicing yoga socks can make me slip out of position and potentially cause injury. These toeless yoga socks are a great solution to that problem! I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and these socks fit comfortably. They are roomy and do not squeeze my feet or bunch up. The nonslip grips on the bottom and bare toes help me keep my balance. Love them and will be buying more!I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
  • Vera Bradley Hipster:Love the light weight and style. However, the top is narrower than the bottom, so it’s hard to get my VB wallet out.
  • a great item:Works exactly as expected. Seems sturdy and is long enough to not require bending too far down.
  • Great Bag!:Received it and have started using it for my trip overseas. I love it! It keeps everything organized and quality is great. I actually packed 3 pairs of slippers and a pair of sandals, which probably I shouldn’t but it still had more room to put socks in them to keep it packed tightly and now I can use my other bags for something else. It was a good purchase.
  • Just what I’ve been looking for!:I used to have shoe horn made of plastic. When it broke I had to buy another one. I chose this brand because it’s made of metal, because of the size, and it’s easy to use. I’m satisfied with the product!
  • Five Stars:Loved it , was everything it was supposed to be!! Thanks,
  • I like my purse but it says large hipster and it’s …:Love this purse! Lots of pockets for organizing and good quality. I would recommend getting a smaller size wallet though, if u plan on carrying one inside…
  • Five Stars:I have a thing for Vera Bradley and I LOVE the midnight blue style. I have the matching wallet and duffel bag.

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  • Undercover styling socks:Buttons & Pleats Womens Cotton No Show Low Cut Liner Socks is a pack of 5 different colorful patterns. This pack of 5 socks are very stretchy and comfortable to wear. The low cut style makes them discreet and can be worn with boots, sneakers or just to lounge around to read a book on a cold chilly night. I wear these socks with my yoga sneakers and they dont peek out the sides and feel comfortable, love the colors and design.I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsFun and brightByNina McClainon August 27, 2015Size: 9-11Color: GridVerified PurchaseThese socks are incredibly fun. You can’t like boring socks if you buy these. They are very bright, with circles, lines and squares all over them. They are surprisingly thickish, not super thin like I expected. For more, check out my video review.This item was purchased with a promotional discount or received for free in exchange for testing and giving my honest unbiased opinion of this product. If you found my review helpful please feel free to vote helpful for me below. Thank youReplica Hermes Womens Belt
  • Almost a necessity for extended overseas travel:Would definitely recommend this product if you travel alot. We travel out of the country several times a year and this product keeps us organized. My sister-in-law liked mine so I am buying her one for her birthday.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:I love it. IReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:I just love this bag—the size, the fabric, everything! Couldn’t be happier.Replica Hermes Belt H Buckle
  • a good sturdy shoe horn:The shoe horn is great and durable. Costumer service is incredible!!
  • Awesome socks!:Purchased these to use during my kickboxing and resistance band workout. I needed something to prevent my feet from sliding during pushups or other floor activities and to also protect my feet using resistance bands. They work pretty well for the price and I’m not a workout person. Just trying to get back into better shape after having three kids. Also got them to avoid stepping in other people’s sweat… GROSS!
  • Size inaccurate:It feels comfortable but I got the 8 women size which is usually my shoe size but it is too small. I will have to order one a size bigger.
  • I want one for me!!!!:This will be perfect for traveling internationally with my family of four. I always seem to be the one in charge of everyone’s passports and tickets, so this organizer will definitely make my life easier. Lots of room for everything I need to carry.
  • Just as I expected:excellent product
  • LOVE IT!!:Item was perfect, a gorgeous Vera Bradley cross body bag. It was a Christmas present and more gorgeous in reality than the picture.
  • Pack Easier and More Efficient With Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cube:My family are frequent flyers so we have learned the art of packing neatly and maximising the space available in our luggages. One of the necessities in our travels are these set of packing cubes that organizes our clothes, underwears, accessories and other stuff in a neat packing cube which doesn’t take much space. I already have large ones (set of 3) from a different brand and they occupy so much space in my luggage.I ordered these slim packing cubes for my travel in pink and I love how easy it is to put my clothes in without overpacking. The size is just enough to accommodate your basic needs and in a way, it helps in keeping tabs of what you’re actually packing.I like that they are stackable and flexible that even when the luggage space gets tight, you can easily squeeze any of them in without fear of deforming them.They are super lightweight and washable too! They have ventilation so air can circulate in your stuff.I also like that they have 2 zippers. It’s very important for me to not fumble looking for zippers because these cases have 2 and it’s easier to open that way.I like these slim packing cubes a lot that I also ordered a separate cube for my shoes (shoe bag – travel packing cubes by Dot&Dot) and als in pink. So now, all my travel cubes are in the same color.I highly recommend this set of slim packing cubes for your travel because they actually help organize your stuff and keeps your clothes neat. They come in large sizes too. However, I prefer having the slim version because it’s easier to pack extra stuff when you’re using big ones. This is just the right size (14" x 5" x 2.75"). This is a perfect packing case for me. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments22 of 24 people found the following review helpful3.0 out of 5 starsConsider the Source and Motivation for these Reviews!BySuzanne Namon March 18, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: Light BlueVerified PurchaseDo you wonder why there are so many five star reviews for these packing cubes? It’s because the company that makes these bags sends everyone who buys them an offer for free stuff if they will post reviews of products. Tho they don’t require you to write positive reviews, some people might feel obligated to do so (or so excited for the free stuff that their judgment gets a little clouded).The products themselves are fine. They work as advertised, they are inexpensive and appear to be well made. The "slim" bags are a very handy size. I use them for socks and underwear, and also use them for socks and underwear for my preschool twins (packed together, their stuff is smaller than mine!). Overall I’m happy with this product and would even buy it again, but not happy with the review program this company has.