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  • These are great packing cubes:Traveling is always hard for me because I’m one of those people that likes to take along way too much. After arrival at my destination, my suitcase often looks like a small tornado came through and I have trouble finding the things I need. There’s nothing more annoying than digging around for a specific pair of socks or a missing personal care item! These cubes solve that issue.I received these packing cubes in purple. They are exceptionally well-made and will likely hold up for many years to come. The fabric is durable, yet soft, and I really like the honeycomb pattern. The handle makes them easy to use and I like the breathable mesh insert in the front, which allows me to quickly see what I’ve packed inside.If you travel a lot or are looking for simple storage solutions at home, these bags are a must.*As an active blogger, I am often sent products for review purposes. Though I received this item from the company in exchange for review, all opinions are my own.Replica Hermes H Belts
  • Look good AND feel good for a fair price:I love the comfort of this shoe. I wish they were a bit more better looking, or came in different was the thong or the slip on and that was it. Bought them in the middle of winter and have been wearing them around the house. Will buy a second pair to wear outside now that Spring is on its way.Replica Hermes Constance Belt
  • We used these CONSTANTLY!!!:I ordered these booties because my daughter would pull all other shoes off or rub her feet against her car seat until they came off.Since it is nearing cold weather, this was worrisome to me.She has not been able to remove these booties. They are delightfully warm and wonderfully cute! Also, some reviewers mentioned bruising. That has not been a problem at all. I can only wonder if they pushed the snap against the baby’s leg? I held it between two fingers when closing it so it didn’t press on her leg at all.Worth the investment. (Especially when you get it on sale like I did.)Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Solid quality:Not a shoe, so ignore the comments on fit. But I bought this to replace a plastic shoe horn that broke a few months ago. I use it regularly, and so far so good! Also fits nicely in my shoe rack.Mens Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Great purse and delivered on to,e! Thank you!
  • Love it!:I absolutely love this purse!!!
  • Christmas gift:Holds a lot very impressed just wish could add a third small book other than that amazing would recommend!
  • Great feel!:A friend recommended these but I was a little leery about not being able to try them on first. However, there are great online measurements with directions and the size was perfect. These are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever had. I am ordering another pair.
  • No more slipping…:At first I was second doubting how these Toeless Yoga Socks would feel on my feet while doing Yoga at home. I noticed it assisted better flexibility and range of motions during Bird of Paradise Pose, Downward facing Dog Pose and among other poses.I can see how convient these will be when I am traveling. I would not have to pack my yoga matt and drag it to the airport or hotel or back. They have a slip resistant trend on the bottom to provide excellent control and traction. It kept me balanced and provided me with balance and stability.You could use these socks for Yoga, Pilates or even just being at home. It will protect your feet at studios from foot fungus bacteria.I tend to practice my Yoga early in the morning around 4AM before I leave for work for the day. As I slipped these on early in the morning for my workouts. My feet were kept very warm. I am really happy with this with the toes being out of the socks I was really able to grip my usual yoga positions I like to practice.I do love being barefoot in my house therefore I decided to try these socks out just lounging around my house. They feel incredible and very comfortable.I received this product for free through a promotionI will post a video soon
  • Slip on shoes!:Exactly what I ordered and it shipped quickly. This is for a 13 yr old grandson who will be going to school dances in something other than sneakers. He looked at it strangely but said ok, he will use it. LOL
  • Love my Hipster!:Reason for buying: wanted something to visit clients with that was more stylish then a messenger bag or backpack but was comfortable and left my hands free, so this was a fail. Somehow I was thinking it was a sizable over the shoulder bag. It is not, an iPad would not comfortably fit, much less a laptop, (even) much less both + a notebook. So perhaps my disappointment in it is inflamed by my (misplaced?) expectations.On the other hand, it’s cute and well made and would suit if your goal is to carry less stuff.
  • -) This has been the perfect alternative to pawing through a suitcase trying to find …:Perfect size for sweaters, my knit dresses, and tops. Keeps them organized and less wrinkles. Also great if by chance my suitcase is over weight I can quickly reach in and remove one of the packing cubes and place in another bag or carry on. Plenty of room and stackable. Easy to distribute weight in my luggage.

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  • heavy duty and perfect in every way:This is a huge shoe horn. I’m certain I can easily forge a cutlery set out this item and still be left with enough shoe horn. Good quality and came in a long big box, I thought it was something else and on time. I love it.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Perfect purse:My daughter wanted this particular purse for her birthday. For not knowing much about purses, i was impressed with the quality of the thing. I think she’ll get plenty of use out of it for sometime. One thing i though was pretty cool is the name stamped on the metal rings that attach the should strap to the bag.Replica Hermes Belt Buckle
  • Strong and slick.:Well made solid shoe horn with detailed finish, does its job.Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Vera Bradley Hipster (Midnight Blues):It came right on time. Bigger than I expected, which was good. Very comfortable to carry. The strap doesn’t dig in or anything. Beautiful colors!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • It looks better in the photo than in person:Quality product!Last one I’ll need to buy unless I lose it.Should last forever.No rough spots to snag your socks.Great price.Prompt delivery.
  • Five Stars:Vera Bradley items are always good quality
  • So comfortable and worth the money:They are not the most stylish sandals, but may be the most comfortable. Love them! I want to try the clogs too!
  • i didn’t know it comes with laces too! i …:I’m using this for my 6yr old son who hasn’t quite figured out tying his shoe laces yet! Very easy to set up and he seems to enjoy the cool laces!
  • Five Stars:Serves it’s purpose
  • A MUST HAVE FOR ALL YOGA lovers:My doctor says I need to exercise, and the only class at the YMCA this past session was senior yoga. I went to try a class (before I signed up for a whole session) and took these socks along "just in case". (Well, if nobody else was wearing weird socks, I wasn’t going to look like a dork!). I noticed that a couple of the other ladies were wearing something that looked like these socks. As we started the positions and my socks slipped on the floor, I noticed that THEIR feet weren’t slipping. I used the small rest break to put mine on, and immediately saw a difference. I was able to safely attempt some of the positions and was less worried about falling, hurting myself, or looking stupid. I will definitely use these during this next full session of senior yoga. Definitely recommend.Special note: I am often provided a sample for review and testing at a discounted price. I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just an avid online shopper who relies on online reviews for my shopping decisions. I shop very frequently on Amazon and do not believe in giving dishonest or biased reviews. Have a Blessed Day!
  • Fantastic! Very strong steel and highly polished.:Have used this every single day since I bought it. Excellent full metal build slides your shoe on flawlessly every time. Definitely will tell anyone who talks about needing one!
  • Vera Bradley Hipster — best ever!:colors were true to picture. price was good for a vera bradley. love the hipster for hands free carrying and no slipping off shoulder. pockets in perfect places.

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  • not so smooth like in the picture:Stupid questions for a shoe horn. You don’t wear shoehorns, you use them to put shoes on!Replica Hermes Leather Belt
  • Love, love:Vera Bradley never disappoints! I’m usually the 1st to complain about how expensive this brand is but my daughter loves it and it is large and she has just enough space!👏Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:I have been looking around this style of wallets everywhere because my beloved wallet was falling apart, but couldn’t find it anywhere.Then one day when I was having Sushi, a lady next seat took out a beautiful wallet looked like my kind of style, so I asked her where she got it. She said "Vera Bradley." I have never heard of the name. So I Googled it. Thanks for Google Age! According to the Vera Bradley website, they have no stores in California, where I live, but I can buy online. I checked Amazon for just in case. "Bingo!" there’s a store sells this particular style wallets many more designs than Vera Bradley store itself! And cheaper! They could be counterfeit? They could. But I don’t care, I love it!Buy Replica Hermes Belt
  • I love this purse – it is so pretty – the …:Purse is great especially out shopping. Love the colors and of course with Vera Bradley, you cannot go wrong. Worth the priceReplica Hermes Belt Uk
  • I Love My New Dot & Dot Large Packing Cubes!:These cubes are simply amazing! I love that they are so simple to use but so effectively allow me to pack everything I need for a getaway or trip. I also love the fact that I don’t have to be going somewhere to use these! When I am home for extended periods of time I can use these in my closet to cut down on clutter and be super organized! I love the quality, color and feel of these packing cubes! Simply amazing product!
  • Can’t wait to try these out.:The quality is good. Checked Amazon, at the time of this review this was the best value for this size. I would buy them again.
  • Good Quality at a Reasonable Price:Best shoe horn I’ve found in a long, long time. Simple, strong and does the job. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Nice bag:Love this purse. I have 3 hipsters in my collection. It is a little tight to get my Vera walet in and out of – otherwise I would give it 5 stars. Love the color – they are true to the picture.
  • Just needed another one:Its a shoe horn. It does what it was made to do. It doesn’t serve you breakfast in bed. But it it very sturdy.
  • Love the shoes:I really like these thongs!! I bought them for the beach, but I think I will wear them around the house too!! VERY comfortable!!UPDATE! I wore these on a beach vacation and they were wonderful. So comfortable and they were easy to walk in on the sand. No blisters or sore spots. They didn’t track sand into the room. I think I will also will now wear them all over the house in the summer. I can see wearing them as my slippers as soon as I take my shoes off. I LOVE these!! I would buy another pair in a heartbeat and tell my friends too. Especially my friends who are runners!!
  • Best Travel Packing Cubes on the market!:I was given the Dot & Dot large packing organizer in return for an honest product review.I am constantly looking for sturdy flexible storage containers mostly for yarn but other random things as well. I received my packing organizers really fast. There were quite a few of them so you can pack quite a bit of stuff. I took each one and used it to store each yarn project in with the crochet hook I needed stored in there as well. I must say I love these! They are made of a very sturdy fabric that will last a really long time. They zip up smoothly giving you easy access to the contents. They are pink and black (they have other colors) and super cute! I absolutely love these and the other Dot & Dot product I have been fortunate enough to try you must too!
  • These are just so comfortable!!:I love these sandals. I have two pairs now and plan to buy more colors in the future. I keep recommending them to my friends. When they try them on they love them.

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  • Excellent product. Looks like it will last longer than …:The edges are sharp. Cut me finger. Unacceptable. Who get injured using a shoehorn? Update: the seller emailed me, gave me credit and send me a new one. Thank you!!!Replica Hermes Belt Cost
  • Five Stars:Great styleCheap Replica Hermes Belts
  • Perfect!:I bought some shoes that were a little snug. This shoe horn has definitely helped aid me in putting them on each day. I would definitely suggest this item to anyone in the market for a shoe horn.Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Great purse:Sooo pretty, quite roomy and just a nice bagAuthentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • grips the floor….:I got these in a recent promotion for my daughter and she loves them. She wears them to dance class and it makes it so much easier for her to practice. They are very comfortable and easy to maneuver.
  • Very comfortable, tons of arch support and cushioned as well:These are the most comfortable sandles I’ve owned…I used to say that about the Croc’s before finding Oofos…my only complaint is the Mens 10 is too small and the 11 too large and this has never been issue with other brands…1/2 sizes in most common sizes would be a great thing….
  • Nice to see something that is made to last these days.:Everything I expected. Husband was using a broken plastic shoehorn so he was delighted.
  • Beautiful:My daughter loves the Hipster by Vera Bradley has has a few of them in different colors. They withstand the daily life of a middle school girl. Good design, too.
  • Well made and most have:Just has the right length and very sturdy. It helps slipping on shoes especially when I’m too lazy to leave the laces tied on my shoes. Prevents my finger to have that burn when I used to use it as the ‘finger shoe horn’. ;/
  • Five Stars:Love the.pattern but wish it was a bit. Bigger
  • Large Packing Cubes for Travel:These are great packing cubes. The mesh is great for both seeing whats in the cube and breathability. I recommend packing cubes to anyone using carry on luggage and/or wanting to be organized. When traveling, they keep everything separate and can do double duty as laundry bags on the way back. When not traveling, I use them as a sweater box.
  • Awesome wallet:Very nice holds all my cards with space to spare.

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  • Great Comfort but between sizes:Love these! My feet hurt pretty much all the time and these provide great support to my high arches and are super cushioned. I’ll probably buy a few more pairs just to wear around the house!Replica Hermes Belt Uk
  • It is perfect!:Durable, and strong product. Fast shipping Very pleased with my purchase.Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Beautiful colors:Absolutely a beautiful bag – and in my favorite colors to boot! Just the right size to fit everything I need. I ordered a wallet to match!Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Good Buy:This is a very nice and durable shoehorn. The only issue I am having with it is that it is a bit wide for my 7 1/2 E shoes, but it still works quite well.Replica Hermes Belt Sizing
  • Five Stars:Product was as expected. Shipping sucked!
  • my first thought was that if they performed as great as they looked:works great! love! highly suggest!
  • Need more pockets.:My wife bought this cause she has the matching wallet. She loves it. It is perfect for her.
  • Worth every penny:It works fine. Remember one like it when I was young. That is why I ordered it.
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • Five Stars:Very well
  • Five Stars:Very nice hope to be able to buy matching wallet
  • Wow:Love, Love love the shoe. They are just what I need after exercising. Thanks for the free foot massager!

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  • Nice quality in a perfect size!:When I go on vacation, whether it’s for a weekend or a few weeks, my suitcase is an unorganized mess of balled up panties and wrinkled dress clothes. I found something that actually helps me find what I’m looking for! No more dumping the entire suitcase out on the dirty hotel duvet (bodily fluids, people!). I’m so happy I was able to try these for review! Dot and Dot Packing cubes are durable, cute and useful! I have one for socks and undies, one for shoes and one for toiletries! I am very excited to go on vacation next year, and this makes it even better!Replica Hermes Mens Belts
  • The perfect travel bag:It was a gift for my wife and she loved it. Looks as if it’s good quality but it made her happy and that is what matters the mostUsed Replica Hermes Belt
  • Happy!:The shoe horn arrived in working order with no movable parts. The questions above were directed at shoes not shoe horns.Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Belt
  • Love it:Arrived quickly and love the purse!Replica Hermes Belt Gold Buckle
  • Five Stars:Just love it
  • Rhythm and blues makes me happy!:Love the many pockets and beautiful pattern! So glad I bought this bag!!
  • Lovely design and fabric but they run way too small:My little one has a much bigger challenge removing these slippers from her feet. I wouldn’t recommend the cream ones. Now that my kiddo is crawling & trying to walk, they are a booger to keep clean.
  • A must have for women:It’s really a beautiful wallet and every time I take it out of my purse I receive compliments. I am not much of a ‘wallet purchasing’ person and my last wallet was over twelve years old, but when I saw this on Amazon, I knew I had to have it. Plenty of room for credit cards and the turn lock keeps it securely closed.With a zippered compartment, I can keep the more important cards and cash safe.It’s an eye catching beauty, functional as well as beautiful.
  • Five Stars:I just love love this wallet!
  • These are very comfortable!:I have had painful plantar fasciitis for years. I had given up on flip flops. A friend recommended these to me and they are fantastic! I have high arches and these support them well. I wore them all day and walked a couple of miles and normally even with my orthotics my feet would be hurting but not with these shoes. The foot massager that was included is equally awesome.
  • Packing Cubes 5 stars:There are many things I like about the Large Packing Cubes:They come in different colors to choose from.The price is low for getting 4 packing cubes.They don’t take up a lot of storage room. They lay flat when nothing is in them.I fit a lot. I fit 6 pair of adult pants in them.I am a professional blogger that states my true opinion. I was given this product to review.
  • totally in love:Instantly solved my plantar fasciitous. I stand about 6 hours a day and was using some thick, soft, foam sandles which i figured out finally it was hurting. these solved.

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  • A very nice purse:I have the vera bradly check book cover in this same pattern so I bought the bag to match. I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is perfect. There are two pockets on the front and one on the back as well as three in the main compartment so there is a lot of places to store your things from keys to cell phone. Also the main compartment is very spacious as well. I can easily fit my check book and the separate wallet I carry for change cash and cards. Highly recommend!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Not just for travelers:This is a great little bag to use for your makeup or other essentials when traveling! It is just big enough to hold everything you would need it also has compartments to keep things secure. I thought it was really useful and it didn’t hurt that it was my favorite color! Thank you Dot&Dot for providing me with this cube to test out.Mens Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • I thought I ordered the right handed one:This is the perfect shoe horn! This does not bend as others in the same category!!Looking for something that works, this is it…Replica Hermes H Belt Men
  • Five Stars:Love this bag! The main compartment is a little narrow, but otherwise the size is great!Silver Replica Hermes Belt
  • LOVE IT:What’s not to like? Vera Bradley purses are like a sisterhood. We all recognize the prints and it makes for a great discussion. Go this one for my Mom since it’s cross body and she picked out the print herself.
  • Five Stars:Love my bag
  • Like driving a Cadillac!:It was a little larger than I had expected but once I got used to the size I loved it. I originally ordered one and then went back and ordered two more.
  • Great little packing cubes!!:I travel regularly and have recently started using packing cubes. To be honest, I can’t believe I haven’t used them for years! They make packing SO much easier because everything is organized. Some people choose to do different colors for different family members. For this particlar one, I chose the red for first aid items/medicines to easily identify them. The cube is made well and is washable. I’m super happy with my purchase & would definitely recommend it!
  • Love these. I was able to fit everything in …:Excellent product. Helped tremendously when packing to go on vacation and to come home. Will Not Travel Without them.
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • Don’t overthink it.:fast ship.very simple, but sturdy shoe horn. works perfectly as I expected
  • Plenty of pockets:Love it!

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  • Great!:The Vera Bradley Hipster is the perfect size for the silhouette conscious girl on the go. I have 2 of them! It keeps a low profile, yet holds all the necessities. It pairs nicely with the smaller sizes of the Cosmetic Trio. It will not hold a large tablet, but you might be able to slide in a small kindle or I-pad mini without a case. With the back zip pocket, 3 interior slip pockets, front slip pocket, and small front zip pocket, there’s a place for all the little things. If you’re looking to downsize from a larger bag to a smaller one, but need something in between, this is perfect!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • I would love to try the other sizes:I love my packing cubes! These are the perfect size for between my other cubes! They are also great for keeping things organized in my dresser.*I received a free product in exchange for a fair and honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*Replica Hermes Belt For Women
  • Awesome:Love it. Been wanting this pattern for a while and was so happy with the price and free shipping from Prime.Replica Hermes Gold Belt
  • Great for organizing documents when you travel!:i got this product to organize my docs for my trips, is light and very practical, even holds my checkbook and passport, all my creditcards and cashReplica Hermes Men Belts
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • Five Stars:buena
  • I wear OOFOS daily:my first pair i bought in Kona…..this is my second pair and , of course , they’re comfortable and flip flops i’ve had….
  • So comfortable and worth the money:Love them, very comfortable, they help my feet feel better through out the day:) will purchase more.
  • Good.:Love the vibrant colors they have available for selection and I love that the cubes are sturdy and help me stay organized ! Great product.
  • calificacion positiva:Very good product.. I recommend the seller. I like it because it has enough room to organize everything and it is wide..
  • Great booties but size is tricky:….you either have to wash them constantly or have multiple pairs. the bottoms get to be filthy (our house is clean, too, i promise!) and of course they won’t work once outside the house. they are easy on and off and seem comfortable for him in that he can still feel his feet on the ground but still be warm. beware other brands that have thick cushioning on the bottom making it IMPOSSIBLE to keep their balance. zutanos are great for that, though. may have to buy more unless we can find others with a more practical bottom material.
  • shoe in!:I used to use my finger to help my shoes slide on, occasionally saying to myself that someday I would probably break my finger.A cheap little shoehorn that came with a pair of shoes worked fine for a few months before it snapped the way I always thought my finger would.So with that warning, what did I do? I went back to my "shoehorn" from childhood and just hoped it wouldn’t break like cheap Bakelite. I kept thinking that I needed to get a real shoehorn, but being a successful procrastinator, I was able to avoid doing it for several more years.Finally one morning it happened. After trying to repair my “shoehorn” with ice for a few hours, I did what I thought was right. I wore sandals for the weekend. But come Monday, my finger did not want anything to do with helping me put on my shoes, much less anything else; such as give directions, or send a text. Essentially, my finger was giving me the finger.After a visit to the doctor, I sat down to order an actual shoehorn. Something that would have been easier without the metal and foam brace.I ordered this because of the great reviews; and I have to say they are absolutely correct. Made of a solid durable plastic that has just enough give to neatly conform to your heel, the length is perfect allowing you to stand as you effortlessly slip on your shoes. The handle allows me to keep it hanging from my valet when my wife hasn’t taken the shoehorn to her side of the room to put her shoes on.If you order your shoehorn now, yours should cost about two hundred and fifty dollars less than mine.

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  • A very nice purse:I have the vera bradly check book cover in this same pattern so I bought the bag to match. I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is perfect. There are two pockets on the front and one on the back as well as three in the main compartment so there is a lot of places to store your things from keys to cell phone. Also the main compartment is very spacious as well. I can easily fit my check book and the separate wallet I carry for change cash and cards. Highly recommend!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Size is perfect!:I’m pleased with my bag. the interior would be better for me if it contained a zippered pocket. I could organize things better.Replica Hermes Belts Men
  • Beautiful bag:It is the perfect size for a weekend trip away and all my clothes fit in comfortably in the bag.Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • MUst Have When Travelling:I recently purchases these bag since I travel 2 week out of every month. I am hooked!! They keep all your cloths PRESSED and organized. Really enjoy the 4 different sizes. So Happy I found these.Replica Hermes Belt Fake
  • Hipster:I’m not a fan of Vera bradley. I feel they are very over priced ! I did buy this as was on sale. But I prefer the Lemon Hill brand that is no longer made.The pattern is really cute and pretty.The design of the bag is too narrow, and deep. It’s not wide enough for my wallet to go in upright.Length is nice, but not the width..My 2nd and last Vera bradley purchase. Just too over priced.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Five Stars:Vera Bradley items are always good quality
  • great bag:I like the amount of space this bag has for long weekends, and that it packs flat when not in use. My only improvement would be one internal or external zippered pocket.
  • This is a great item. I bought this as a gift to …:excellent product.! All in perfect condition, very well packaged and in perfect condition. as is as described in the publication. This shop is recommended 100%
  • Five Stars:Exactly what was needed and works beautifully. Easy to use – substantial weight.
  • Love it:Love the colors, very summery and lightweight. Opening could be a little bigger to accomodate the according wallet I got to go with it, but think I will enjoy it.
  • No Worries About Rough Edges:Just what I was looking for to help put on a pair of tight snow boots. Very fast shipping. A product I would definitely recommend as I believe it will last a long time.

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  • LOVE IT! Great for stuffing in an overhead compartment!:This was a gift for my lady. She loves it.I would not buy this for myself. The fabric/material is too thin/light weight for a duffle bag. I t was shipped in an envelope. The envelope was 12 X 15 X 3/4. inside it was a plastic bag holding what looked like a folded towel. I have reservations about spending $79 for a cheaply made bag by Vera Bradley.So…… My lady likes it – that’s enoughReplica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Not returnable for health reasons says the label. WHAT?:These sandals make my plantar fascisitis feel good but the shoes look like they are made for men and women just buy a man’s size shoe which makes them larger and wider than my feet and normal foot wear so I use them strictly around the house but would not go out in them.Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:Its a really good and reliable shoe horn. Doesn’t bend or break. I LOVE IT!!!Black And Gold Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:perfectReplica Replica Hermes Belt
  • This however is a fine durable metal shoehorn:Great shoe horn. Not sure why the review query page here on Amazon is asking me if its a good shoe that fits, but I blame Amazon for that. Great horn.
  • Five Stars:Love this purse. Perfect size. Very pretty.
  • Vera Bradley Duffel Review:I purchased this bag to use on short trips throughout Europe while studying in London, UK for a semester. Very happy I bought this duffel. I took several weekend trips on budget airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair which allows you one carry on bag at no charge. This duffel easily fit within their size restrictions and I was never given any hassle, as I saw many other people go through regarding their bag size. Easily foldable and large enough to fit all of my things.
  • LOVE. LOVE, LOVE them!!!:I bought these on the recommendation of a friend that thought they were very comfortable. I received them and found they had a notice attached that for health reasons they are NOT returnable. Who would buy shoes that are NOT returnable if they do not fit right?I certainly would not have. Well wouldn’t you know the high arch causes my right foot to be so uncomfortable that I can not wear these shoes, now I am STUCK with shoes I can not wear! Buyer BEWARE!!!
  • Great travel addition!:A very handy organizer when traveling. Easily fits multiple passports, boarding passes and the zipped enclosure keeps everything secure.
  • Every baby needs a pair of these!:Every baby needs a pair of these! After a month of fighting to keep socks on my LO’s feet, I was so happy to get these and have ordered other styles from Zutano. The snaps are awesome and do not fall off. The fleece on this pair are super warm, I usually go without socks underneath but when I have doubled up, they still stay put. I’ve recommended these to all my mom-friends and they love them.I bought the 6 mo size when my LO was 2 mo old and have used them now for over 2.5 months. There is still room to grow, the fabric/material has held up great. Will definitely purchase more.
  • Five Stars:very good
  • Only wish they were a bit more sturdy so they would last longer:Marvelous ! with thongs anyone smaller can use my sandals and they (my wife) did. I bought her a pair. Domestic tranquility has returned. We are all smiles.